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We provide world-class dental marketing and communication solutions to Australia’s dental and corporate dental practices. As a valued client, you can get exclusive access to webinars, videos and ready-to-use collateral to generate more patients and increase your business revenue. Receive ongoing support with the latest tips, tricks and trends to improve your business growth.

Our Vault is a gift from us to you – it provides a 360° solution to growing your dental practice and helping you unlock your full potential.

COVID-19 Resources

Navigate your way through Covid-19 and how to survive and thrive as a dental practice. This course provides practical knowledge on how to recession-proof your practice and get back on your feet after ADA restrictions. Learn about cashflow, strategies, stimulus packages and JobKeeper packages to protect your business and staff.

Tips and Insights

With over 185 billion websites out there, how can yours rank #1 on Google? The key is understanding SEO, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. It’s not just about generating traffic to your website, it’s about generating targeted and relevant traffic. Learn how to be easily found by your targeted audience through SEO and how to run a strategic Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to get a high return on investment.

Prabin Gautam

Trusted Dental Marketing Advisor

Prabin Gautam is a trusted dental marketing advisor. He provides complete digital solutions to help dental practice owners unlock their potential by helping them generate more patients and increased revenue. He is a regular lecturer at ADAVB.
Prabin Gautam

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